If you are like many institutions, you know you want more successful students and better process but are unsure where to start? Our coaching experts can help by establishing student success stages customized to your institution. In addition, we train your staff to maximize the effectiveness of the proven Aviso Success Retention System.

Analytics & Early Alerts + Great Case Management + Expertise = More successful students.

The Aviso Five Stage Model of Student Success Coaching

Much like recruitment funnel milestones, each student success coaching stage is dictated by student enrollment behavior. Our team will help define the stages at your institution and recommend the success coaching outreach, services and retention strategies at each particular stage in order to help maximize student retention, along with persistence and success.

CARMA Student Needs Theory

Students exhibit different needs as they transition into higher education, become accustomed to college and achieve their educational goals of student success. Our CARMA Student Needs Theory provides a sound framework that is used to identify the various levels of student needs as well as the appropriate resources, referrals or interventions to meet those specific needs. Success coaches are then able to take action on those recommendations, creating a catalyst for higher retention and persistence rates.

Customized Student Success Training

Our customized training teaches your success coaches, academic advisors and middle managers how to assist students specific to your unique institutional policies, philosophies and resource availability. Training topics range from how to conduct a meeting and student goal setting to trust and relationship building and attitude management.