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Aviso has pre-built integrations and connectors for all the top LMS and SIS providers. Don't be held hostage by an out-of-the-box retention solution.
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Aviso Predict

Your time is valuable. Aviso Predict continously analyzing millions of data points, distilling these efforts to actionable student risk indicators. Stop guessing where to spend your time and start engaging with students that need it.
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Olivia has an 82% likelihood to persist to next term but may struggle with her current coursework!

Aviso Engage

Student retention is built on student engagement. Aviso Engage is the centralized platform for institutional data, predictive modeling results and student interaction.

Focus on Student Challenges

News provides immediate feedback focusing your efforts on students that need your help.

  • Configure your news feed to show the students with the most pressing challenges.
  • Prioritize and plan your daily tasks.
  • Quickly respond to alerts created by staff and the system.
News Feed

Cheer for Student Success

Achievements provide key touch-points where your staff can reward student success. Give a virtual pat on the back or send a personalized message, Aviso can handle both for you.

  • Setup and configure achievements dynamically based upon successes you want to track.
  • Setup a Happy Birthday notification in your Settings. A student doesn't have to know you automated it!

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Track and record student interactions through notes.

  • Create note types to track phone calls, meetings held, academic concerns, or other interaction types.
  • As notes are entered, events are distributed to a student's success network. Yes, it's FERPA compliant too.
  • Configure notes to be editable for periods of time, or only seen by specific security roles.
Notes in Aviso

Early Alerts

Faculty and Staff are the eyes and ears of success professionals. Send an alert from the course roster, or a student's profile, enabling the student's success team to do what they do best.

  • Configurable alert reasons through the admin panel.
  • Dynamic routing of alerts to a student's success team or defined Early Alert Coordinators.
  • Automated notifications keep faculty up to date on solutions and recommendations by support personnel.
Early Alerts

Track Subpopulations Most Important to Your Institution

The Engage platform excels at the creation and tracking of student subpopulations through tagging. Whether reporting on first generation students, athletes, or other populations, all features take advantage of these dynamic, student groups.

  • System Tags: Tags that are built into Engage. Examples include Full-time, Part-time, Distance, and others.
  • Data-based Tags: As data flows into Engage from external systems, tags can be applied based upon the existance of, or lack of, data points that exist.
  • Manual Tags: For identification of subpopulations where identifiable data doesn't exist, a tag can be added to a student on the student profile, or mass applied through the administration screens.

Analytics Must Lead to Action

Predictive model results lead to proactive discussions with a student about why they may struggle, or succeed, in each of their classes.

  • Build repport through understanding student strengths.
  • Recommend student referrals that can remove barriers to success before they become an issue.
Success and risk reasons

Communication is Key

Create engaging conversastions with students using multiple delivery options.

  • Two way text messaging with opt-out.
  • Support for institution and personal emails.
  • Mass messaging based on subpopulation, risk, or copy-paste from your favorite spreadsheet.
  • Message templating, with variables, to send standardized messages with personalization.
Messaging Conversations

Student Success Starts with a Plan

Collaborate with students to build a unique pathway through your institution's curriculum...and then receive an alert when a student doesn't follow it.

  • Build templates that represent pre-determined or custom curriculum choices.
  • Perform a "what-if" against other templates to explore credit applicability across programs.
  • Collaborate with students to adjust and approve coursework that meets their educational goals.
Academic Plan

Easy Attendance Tracking for Faculty

Staff can now use attendance data to proactively engage with students.

  • Faculty class rosters are automatically loaded from your SIS.
  • Dashboard indicators tell Faculty if attendance is completely captured for the courses they teach.
  • Attendance can be marked in bulk or for a single student.
  • Attendance data captured is used in predictive analytics to better understand impact on student success.
Attendance Tracking

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