Aviso specializes in putting accurate information in the right place, at the right time, for student success professionals. For academic advisors, success coaches, and others, helping students is their core mission. Aviso ensures time can be spent on advising and coaching the students who need it most, increasing students engagement and success.

Focus on Student Challenges

Time is the most important commodity academic advisors and success coaches have. Aviso's News Feed places the highest priority items at the top of your To-Do list. Alerts identify student challenges that require immediate attention, events keep you in the loop, all for students on your caseload that you have an interest in helping.

Each morning at 6am, Aviso sends out a daily digest email. This identifies key happenings of your caseload in the previous twenty-four hours so that your success staff know exactly who needs support that day.

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Higher Education's Most Advanced Alerting Engine

In 2011, Aviso was first deployed to a college in Ohio. The only functionality that existed was the ability to monitor student data and send alerts to success staff by email. Since that time, Aviso's alerting engine has become more sophisticated and continues to identify students who are facing challenges and connects the student with an academic advisor or success coach. Attendance, assignment submissions, LMS course access, and other engagement metrics are monitored for every student. When a student begins to struggle, Aviso immediately brings together the student's support team to ensure the student has the necessary referrals to lead to a successful outcome.

Instances of alerts may be created by institution staff. Create an alert that monitors attendance for first generation students in their introductory classes. Or create an alert that notifies your nursing program that a Pre-Nursing student is not submitting assignments. With Aviso, monitoring engagement through alerts is simple, and impactful.

Own Your Caseload

Aviso identifies the students for whom your success professionals are responsible. This clarity allows an institution to develop specific strategies for communication, intervention, and referrals. Staff can quickly view data aggregated from a college's student information system, learning management system, financial aid, and others.

Aviso provides detailed information for each student including:

  • Overall and course based risk
  • Crowdsourced phone numbers
  • Program of study and academic history
  • Test scores and financial data
  • Meeting History
  • Notes added by you, and others
  • Secure document storage
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Track the Subpopulations Most Important to Your Institution

Aviso permits each college to identify and track success of any student population. This is accomplished through Tagging. Tags are used throughout Aviso when searching, sending bulk messages, generating reports, and other tasks. Aviso supports three Tagging approaches:

  1. System Tags: Tags that are built into the Aviso software. Examples include Full-time, Part-time, Distance, and others.
  2. Data-based Tags: As data flows into Aviso from external systems, tags can be applied based upon the existance of, or lack of, data points that exist.
  3. Manual Tags: For identification of subpopulations where identifiable data doesn't exist, a tag can be added to a student on their profile.

Analytics Must Lead to Action

Using historical data from your institution, our data scientists build predictive models that provide insight into your unique student population. For every student course registration, a risk level is determined. An aggregate term-to-term prediction can also be provided.

Where Aviso excels is the connection between analytics results and actionable information for front-line success professionals. Aviso provides success and risk factors for every student. Academic advisors and success coaches are able to be laser-focused on referring students to support services; all before a student begins to struggle.

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Messaging allows a student success staff member to reach out to their students quickly and efficiently. These messages get routed to the student’s institutional email. The messaging can continue via institutional email and will still be recorded in the Aviso platform. Other features include templates, bulk messages and the ability to save part of any email chain in a student’s record.

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Integrations and Connectors

Aviso has pre-built integrations and connectors for the top LMS and SIS providers.

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